Friday, February 8, 2013

On the matter of Abbott and the Big Business agenda.

In response to a NineMSN article entitled Abbott To Cut Australia In Half**

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This is what they mean by dog-whistle politics, I think.

Dress it up as a "development plan" - whole reports, thousands of meaningless words in length - make it seem reasonable and always deny what is really going on: a well-orchestrated pillaging of the nation's resources by a lunatic big business minority (who consider themselves an aristocracy) at the expense of working people and the nation, not to mention the ongoing criminal theft from Aboriginal people of their lands and cultures.

Hunter Thompson talked about "...the built-in blind spots of the Objective rules and dogma" that allowed convicted felon Richard Nixon to "slither into" power and we would be fools par excellance to allow ourselves to ever fall into the same trap.

Never forget what's really going on: that Rinehart is a daughter following directly in the footsteps of a man who wanted to sterilise native peoples to extinguish their very existance, let alone native title.

That he - Lang Hancock - founded the asbestos mines at Whitenoom, in the Western Australian north.

That Julie Bishop defended the Whitenoom companies in court while mesothelioma victims literally died before justice could be brought.

And that Abbott - unscrupulous and drunk with power - is happily their mouthpiece. He is a dangerous lunatic and should never be allowed to creep his way into the Lodge on a protest vote.

No. Fracking. Way.

**since retitled Abbott backs away from 'move north' plan...