Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Instead, I wrote "Mother Nature will have Her Revenge on Old Fatty"

I was actually pretty glad that the culmination of my recent travels to the Eastern Seaboard coincided with the 2013 Western Australian State Election, because it meant I was able to volunteer to wear the Green shirt again, even if just for a few hours.

Over the past couple of years I've invested a lot of my time and mind into slamming this incumbent government, so it was good to be back for the fall-out--and besides, one of my buddies was running.

Anyway, the result was, from my perspective, a monstrous disaster. I make no qualms about that being my position. I was really bummed out when the news started coming through. I guess I still am.

As a student of postmodern thought, it straightaway struck me that perhaps in kicking against the pricks so hard, we've created another monster. We've made him stronger.

Another Howard, Nixon, Reagan, Menzies, Thatcher etc - come to life like those Simpsons billboards in that Halloween episode where Paul Anka saves the town from destruction.

Well... if it'll end horror...
At the end of it all, instead of retiring to my Batcave to pour thousands of words of scorn and analysis onto this awful situation, I just wrote a song instead.

Here it is. It's slower than you might expect, I'll admit. But it's a savage response to a terrible result. The whole thing sucks. So I'm gonna walk away...

...but Mother Nature Will Have Her Revenge On Old Fatty.

Well, if that's what we get for focussing on The Monster
You'll excuse me while I put that Abbott out of my mind
It's not I don't care or I'm not petrified
Re: our country's Great Slide - our moral decline
But Barnett & Howard have proven that people are dumb

Watching TV they get filled with ideas that aren't real
Like the pastors of old laid down fire and brimstone with great zeal
And the Christians believe that their one Jewish god is just chock full of love
But he's a vengeful old sod - when it comes to the crunch
They're the ones that'll drown in the flood

And life will go on
Just as it always has before
And the tides will roll in
Just as they always have before

So, ga'arn, treat my country the way that she's never deserved
You can rape, you can pillage people and the natural world
In the face of Earth's doom, you can Wittenoom Broome
In the hope that you'll go to some afterlife soon
But you'll get the same hell wealthy Mayans would have faced as they fell…

You'll watch the jungle close in
Just as it always has before
And the waters will rise
Just as they always have before

Even if you succeed in replacing the forests with weeds
When the rivers are dead and your ego's been fed
Begging, poisoned, on your knees
When the Earth finally dies with no tears in her eyes
Just a hollowed-out hide - hey, but at least we tried!
Somewhere far off in space in a temperate place
Comets rain from the sky

And life will go on
Just as it always has before
And the rains will come down
Just as they always have
And you will be forgotten
That's for sure.

Music & lyrics ©2013 Benny Mayhem. All Rights Reserved.