Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Two Speed Economy Is An Act Of Warfare

Barnett's guns Tasering the fuck out of an unarmed man.

Don't be fooled by moral panics re: supposed alcoholic violence.

Prices up to curb drinking? What a joke.

We all know who the aggressors are, and they earn $1000 a day.

The Barnett Government is creating nothing less than class war.

The implementation of a Two-Speed Economy is artificially impoverishing anybody who does not capitulate to the whims of transnational mining interests.

We live on land that they want to convert into a quarry.

So, the Barnett Government have the guns (police) while their boyfriends in mining own the propaganda machine (newspaper). One can give mandate to the other.

It's terribly obvious, and so damn easy, they must wonder at night why the CCC hasn't busted in the door of the Weld Club with an axe.

This whole thing is of particular concern for the educated middle class, for whom economic imperative does not necessarily outweigh ecological and social concerns.

If you fit that category, and you want to maintain a clear conscience, you're on a fast-track back to poverty.

Western Australia could very easily slide into sheer hell if the appropriate people do not grow some testicles quickly.

This means you.

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