Thursday, June 16, 2011

Western Australian Douche-Bag Of The Week Awards

^^ Opposite of douche-bag: An amazing pic from the Kimberley blockade.
(Pic thieved from Ben Collins at the ABC. Sorry about that, Ben.)

There are a number of complete douche-bags who deserve this award this week.

Third Place must surely go to the fine folks at Woodside and their enablers in WA Parliament.

These shit-heads have sent in contractors to clear land at James Price Point despite the fact that environmental approval is yet to be forthcoming, and simultaneous to recommendations that 20 million hectares of Kimberley Country be declared a national heritage site.

It's wonderful to see the people of the Kimberely sticking it up these greed-merchants. They have my full support!

Douche-Bag Number Two is the Idiot Who Decided To Outlaw Kronic.

Now, I haven't taken this synthetic marijuana substitute, nor do I necessarily condone illicit drugs, but everyone with a brain knows that prohibition fails to address any of the social or health issues surrounding those kind of shenanigans.

Yet WA, the same state who was, you'll remember, most reluctant to pass the legislation in 1967 granting Aboriginal people the same basic citizenship rights as other Australian human beings, has embarrassed itself publicly yet again. It's the same old shit from cowardly fascists.

Pretty sure the Premier is sitting back drinking some of his special Rio Tinto clean-skin faux-sauvignon blanc tonight......

Helen Lovejoy: Sort of like Margaret Court, except I'd bone her.

On that note, prize for the Biggest Douche-Bag Around goes to the Absolute Jerk-Off Who Revoked The Bakery's License For 24 Hours so that they couldn't send Kronic out in style.

Just to re-iterate for any gibbering, McDonald's munching Repressive State Apparati reading this, I'm not necessarily pro-drugs. What I am defending here is personal freedom and civic democracy.

But this decision was an absolute disgrace, and any tatters of credibility that this government has left have crumbled like shitty synthetic fibres in the rains of makuru.

How dare Cockroach Barnett turn around and feed The Bakery this one:
When you receive Government funding with it goes some mutual obligations and responsibilities. [source: The West]
Veiled threat? I wouldn't say it was veiled at all...

This scum-bag and his party full of CEOs and Old Money are a disgrace to the very word "liberal" and all that "liberalism" stands for.

They are Tories, plain and simple, and this is just another excuse to lock up young people and anybody else who dares to question whether the laws we're handed are actually beneficial in any way.

The kicker, and this is where the powers-that-be really start showing their colours, is that the organisers of the Kronic party turned around and decided to hold a Say 'No' To Legal And Illegal Drugs Party at the Civic Hotel (a private venue) instead.

Then, according to promoter Kron Voyage:
Liquor licensing came and threatened the venue and bar manager with a $60k fine so they had no other option but to dis-allow the show. The west australian government have canned an anti-drug event featuring local bands and artists, absoulute discrace!... [sic]
Nobody seems to be able to answer the question re: what legal grounds, exactly, the Civic was threatened, or what they're supposed to have done wrong.

Oh, and while I'm at it, the Encouragement Award for this week's Douche-Baggery goes to Commercial Media who beat up this entire thing in the first place. You know who you are. I bet you're so fucking proud of yourselves for making deadline. I hope your brother gets put in gaol.

OK, so, to round out this post: props to The Bakery / Artrage, a ballsy-as-hell promoter, and the Save The Kimberley mob for their pro-democracy stance this week. Positive vibes all 'round.


  1. How can you be anti anything that other people do?, before u retort with some exaggerated comparison like murder I'll clarify that I mean personal life choices that don't harm others. I don't smoke but I'll defend to the last word a persons... right to. Fuck I tire of constipated control freakism masquerading as humanitarian concern. I'd rather live in a dive bar amongst drunks and trash than in a sterile police state drowning in hospital grade disinfectant. Life has bumps and warts and they're beautifully. Live a little.

    Byron Trismegistus.